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Our Services

LWPM provides ongoing, comprehensive investment management and financial advisory services to our clients. This inclusive offering includes the following services:

  • An individualized Investment Policy Statement and Investment Implementation Plan which specifies, in detail, the strategic management and implementation strategies used to manage your wealth.
  • Retirement or other goals planning, which includes sophisticated mathematical simulation and/or historical back testing of appropriate model portfolios to determine your probability of reaching your goals with your current and projected financial resources.
  • Ongoing wealth management, which includes investment selection and portfolio management activities such as quarterly portfolio reviews, rebalancing, and evaluating any tax management opportunities, such as tax loss harvesting.
  • Detailed Quarterly investment performance reporting, which reports current investments, asset allocation, investment performance reporting (to include quarterly, year-to-date, two-year, five-year, and since-inception investment performance).
  • Annual tax reporting to you and your CPA or tax professional.
  • Administration of IRA distributions (including calculating required minimum distributions) and IRA/Roth contributions, annual gifting (including charitable bequests of securities), trust distributions, etc.
  • Providing a steady hand and voice in turbulent investment times to keep you focused on your goals and not transient market events.

Most importantly, Lifetime Wealth provides you with an unbiased team of personal financial advisors who will be there when you call. For example, you may have questions about the right refinancing strategy for you or the best place to park your emergency cash. You may want to talk about how you are managing your retirement and what your projected cash needs from your portfolio are for the next year. In any case, we will be your sounding board, your financial coach ready to strategize with you about issues important to you. 

Our ADV information (ADV, ADV Part II, and ADV Schedule F) is provided for your convenience.

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