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"Nine Experts, Four Surprises, and One Million Dollar Bet"

by Diana Batchelor

A fascinating article by Weston Wellington of Dimensional Fund Advisors, entitled "Nine Experts, Four Surprises, and One Million Dollar Bet," is presented for your reading enjoyment.  This article shows, once again, the importance of following an investment approach based on discipline and diversification rather than market predictions and timing.  After a great year in

DFA Earns an "A"

By LWPM Staff

Morningstar recently evaluated Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) and gave them an "A" rating for stewardship. The Morningstar considers aspects like corporate culture, fund board quality, fees, fund manager incentives, and regulatory history. Lifetime Wealth is proud to be a DFA-approved advisor, and we truly believe that our clients reap the benefits of their philosophy and discipline. We hope that you enjoy reading this article!

Why DFA Over Stocks?

By Carolyn Walder

Buying individual stocks can be a thrill, especially if you are lucky and hit the jackpot with an Apple or a Google. However, it can also be gut-wrenching to watch the stock price shoot up and down. Furthermore, growth stocks generally do not provide a consistent means of drawing income (although high dividend stocks are less volatile and provide more income than most tech stocks). So you must be clear to yourself on why you bought a particular stock, i.e., what goal are you trying to meet by owning the stock in the first place!

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