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Client Tools

How to "Read" Your Quarterly Reporting

by Liz G. Gillette

What does it mean when your portfolio is up 10%?

Smart Money, Smart Kids Is More Than Just a Financial Read

Valuable parenting techniques and plenty of laughs in this #1 New York Times Bestseller!

by Liz G. Gillette

Smart Money, Smart Kids is a renowned how-to financial book that goes far beyond simple strategies to help parents teach their children to win with money. Sure, it discusses the importance of budgeting, creating three spend/save/give envelopes, and teaching kids to work on commission versus receive an allowance. I wouldn’t expect anything less from the no-nonsense co-author, Dave Ramsey. He and his daughter, Rachel Cruze, provide helpful money management techniques broken down by children’s age groups and encourage parents that it’s never too late to grow money-smart kids.  And in typical Ramsey fashion, it’s an easy conversational read with relatable stories.

The Top 5 Reasons Why You Will Love Our New “Lifetime Client Pathway”

By Liz Gillette

Lifetime Wealth is pleased to introduce our newest client resource: “Lifetime Client Pathway.”  The Lifetime Client Pathway replaces our former client portal, the Vault. We think you will appreciate the additional features and ease of use.

Your Pathway allows you to:

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