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Book Review

Planning for Retirement … and How Not to Fail

by Amy Thompson

Smart Money, Smart Kids Is More Than Just a Financial Read

Valuable parenting techniques and plenty of laughs in this #1 New York Times Bestseller!

by Liz G. Gillette

Smart Money, Smart Kids is a renowned how-to financial book that goes far beyond simple strategies to help parents teach their children to win with money. Sure, it discusses the importance of budgeting, creating three spend/save/give envelopes, and teaching kids to work on commission versus receive an allowance. I wouldn’t expect anything less from the no-nonsense co-author, Dave Ramsey. He and his daughter, Rachel Cruze, provide helpful money management techniques broken down by children’s age groups and encourage parents that it’s never too late to grow money-smart kids.  And in typical Ramsey fashion, it’s an easy conversational read with relatable stories.

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