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The Basics of ''Basis''

By Lifetime Wealth Planning and Management staff

In financial conversations, advisors often use the terms “basis” and “cost basis.” These interchangeable terms are confusing to many people. Though it can be difficult to track and understand these figures, the essence of cost basis is not exceptionally complicated. Cost basis usually refers to the money you invest or your original position, in an investment. For example, if you purchase a share of stock for $10, that is your initial basis (or cost basis) in

Another Birthday?

By Carolyn Walder

As I celebrate another birthday, I am reminded that birthday milestones occur for a range of ages, such as 18 for registering to vote and 62 for applying for early social security benefits. (I am somewhere between the two!) There are many key birthdays for investors, and reaching certain milestones presents special tax and investment questions for investors to consider.


By Carolyn Walder and Diana Batchelor

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