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"It's About You"

By Amy Thompson

The Real-Life MBA: Your No-BS Guide to Winning the Game, Building a Team and Growing Your Career, by Jack and Suzy Welch, offers advice that just about everyone can incorporate into their jack and Suzy welch.jpglives. Beyond the “learn-it today and apply-it tomorrow” techniques for business and leadership, the book’s section “It’s About You” speaks to all people, whether you are starting out in the workforce,

Consider Rolling Over Your TSP to an IRA After You Retire

By Carolyn Walder

For those of you retiring from the federal government with a TSP, consider transferring those funds to an IRA. Transferring to an IRA is beneficial in the following ways:

Tax Countdown – Deadline Is April 15

By Diana Batchelor

Remember, there is no extra day this year for the “holiday” celebrated in D.C.: tax returns are due on April 15. You may think that you do not have to file a tax return, or file it on time, because of your particular situation.

TD Ameritrade 2015

By Liz G. Gillette

The LWPM team was fortunate to escape the cold for a few days to attend the annual TD Ameritrade conference in San Diego. And while my expectations are quite high for this event, I must say that this year’s TDA conference was outstanding! The speakers were tremendous. Amy Cuddy, who carries her PhD in Social Psychology from Princeton University, taught us

Tax Season Tips

By Diana Batchelor

The dreaded tax season is upon us, and it is always helpful to have some tips to survive the process on a good note. Lifetime Wealth offers the following tips we have found to help make this season tolerable.

  • Start early – go through your checkbook, credit card receipts, and email to find the necessary documentation for the charitable donations and any deductible expenses that you made in 2014.
  • Call now – if you use a tax preparer, call now to schedule a date in February or March when you expect to have all of your documents in order.

’Tis the Season

By Amy Thompson

At this time of year, from Thanksgiving through New Year’s, there are several weeks when there is often a lot of sharing and a lot of spending, and hopefully some saving too. Share Save Spend® is Nathan Dungan’s philosophy about how to combine “money and meaning.” Dungan’s vision is to change the world’s perception of money. Whether or not you agree with his particular principles, it is good to regularly evaluate how these three aspects of money—sharing, spending, and saving—fit into your life. The end of the year is good time reexamine your financial goals. The end of the year also brings some deadlines

Counting on a Change in the QCD Provision?

By Diana Batchelor

Your first question may be: What is a QCD? A Qualified Charitable Donation allows one to donate a part of his or her required minimum distribution (RMD) from their IRA directly to a qualified charity. Remember, the RMD is the amount you must distribute from your IRA at age 70½. The maximum allowable amount of a QCD is the total of your RMD or $100,000, whichever is less. If you are not required to take an RMD, then you cannot take advantage of a QCD. The QCD option is great for clients who are charitably inclined, as the QCD portion of their RMD will not be considered a taxable distribution. Previously, the QCD provision was approved by Congress annually. This past summer, the House Ways and Means Committee has passed a proposal (H.R. 416) to amend the tax code to make charitable contributions from IRAs tax-deductible, not subject to annual approval. The Permanent IRA Charitable Contribution Act of 2014 is currently on the calendar to be considered by the House for approval.  

Failure Precedes Success

By Jacob Walder, Intern at LWPM

As USA goalkeeper Tim Howard looked on after the USA's World Cup exit at the hands of Belgium, one could only imagine what was running through the aging veteran's mind. Howard had just given one of the best goalkeeping performances in a World Cup in the past half century, and he had also given the American team an amazing chance to progress past the heavily favored Belgians. But that's all it was, a chance. Unfortunately, the opportunity resulted in defeat for Team USA.

Getting a Head Start on the Importance of a Strong Work Ethic

By Sarah Moult, Intern at LWPM

As an intern with Lifetime Wealth, this experience has allowed me to recognize the importance of work prior to college. The transition from a high school to college student can be very stressful, but it doesn’t always have to be. If you prepare yourself with work opportunity and strong academics, the journey can be made more smoothly. Volleyball enabled me to attend

Our Capital Wheel Ride ...

By Diana Batchelor

National Harbor provided the ladies of Lifetime Wealth with the ride of a lifetime today on the new Capital Wheel! It felt like I was back in my childhood experiencing the Ferris Wheel ride for the first time with my best friends. We laughed, we got queasy, and we had thrills and chills. The highs were accelerating and the lows a bit scary, yet there was something magical about the experience.

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