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’Tis the Season

By Amy Thompson

At this time of year, from Thanksgiving through New Year’s, there are several weeks when there is often a lot of sharing and a lot of spending, and hopefully some saving too. Share Save Spend® is Nathan Dungan’s philosophy about how to combine “money and meaning.” Dungan’s vision is to change the world’s perception of money. Whether or not you agree with his particular principles, it is good to regularly evaluate how these three aspects of money—sharing, spending, and saving—fit into your life. The end of the year is good time reexamine your financial goals. The end of the year also brings some deadlines  regarding money matters. Note: The deadline for making tax-deductible charitable contributions is December 31, 2014. (You’ve got more time for saving—contributions to IRAs are not due until April 15, 2015.) There is no deadline for spending, but try to heed the adage of “everything in moderation.” To learn more about Dungan’s philosophy, go to www.sharespendsave.com.

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