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There's an App for That

by Tonya Mason Branch


Cellphone usage has grown in the past 20 years. At least 94% of Americans have one. We use our cellphones roughly 16 hours a day, and we check them at least 150 times per day!  Today’s “smart” cellphones and other devices can host a variety of mobile applications.  These “mobile apps” are internet applications that are designed to work on smartphones. App usage has grown so much because apps work faster than websites, a well-designed app can perform functions more quickly, and apps usually store the data locally on the mobile device. There are currently over 3 million apps available for use. You can use apps for buying meals, tracking your daily exercise routine, and even maintaining your personal finances.

According to Investopedia some of the best personal financial apps are:

  • Mint: best app for managing money
  • You need a budget: best app for getting out of debt
  • Wally: best app for tracking expenses
  • Acorns: best app for painless saving
  • Coinbase: best app for trading Bitcoin
  • Robinhood: best investing app for beginners
  • Tycoon: Best app for models (and other freelancers)
  • Venmo: best payment app for splitting the cost of pizza with friends.

Some of my personal favorites are:

  • Bank/Credit Union—most banks and credit unions offer an app version of their website and it easy for checking balances, moving funds and even making deposits.
  • Cashapp—is for personal use to transfer funds between family and friends.
  • Stash—an investment app for beginners that allows you to invest as little as $5. (Note: Stash's fees are charged to the user's linked bank account, not against the investment portfolio. The service costs $1 a month for balances under $5,000 and $2 a month for IRA balances under $5,000. Then the fees switch to a percentage of assets. Balances of $5,000 or more pay 0.25% per year.)

You can find these apps and many more on the Google Play or App Store on your mobile devices.


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