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Smart Money, Smart Kids Is More Than Just a Financial Read

Valuable parenting techniques and plenty of laughs in this #1 New York Times Bestseller!

by Liz G. Gillette

Smart Money, Smart Kids is a renowned how-to financial book that goes far beyond simple strategies to help parents teach their children to win with money. Sure, it discusses the importance of budgeting, creating three spend/save/give envelopes, and teaching kids to work on commission versus receive an allowance. I wouldn’t expect anything less from the no-nonsense co-author, Dave Ramsey. He and his daughter, Rachel Cruze, provide helpful money management techniques broken down by children’s age groups and encourage parents that it’s never too late to grow money-smart kids.  And in typical Ramsey fashion, it’s an easy conversational read with relatable stories.

This book is notable because it focuses on teaching your children family values through money management. Dave and Rachel start with basic behaviors, such as working, spending, saving, and giving, and then tie each activity to the values and character traits it establishes. For example, work teaches responsibility, achievement, and pride in a job well done.  Spending teaches discipline, an ability to make independent decisions, and the joys of money.  Saving, on the other hand, teaches patience, long-term goal setting, and delayed gratification. And most importantly, teaching our children to give develops a sense of gratitude, generosity, and contentment rather than entitlement.

“When a kid saves money, it is not a mathematical event; it is a maturity event that gives dignity. When a kid buys something with money that he or she has saved, it is not merely a financial transaction; you are watching poise, confidence, and maturity develop right before your eyes … you are really teaching them how to win at life.”

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