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Our Capital Wheel Ride ...

By Diana Batchelor

National Harbor provided the ladies of Lifetime Wealth with the ride of a lifetime today on the new Capital Wheel! It felt like I was back in my childhood experiencing the Ferris Wheel ride for the first time with my best friends. We laughed, we got queasy, and we had thrills and chills. The highs were accelerating and the lows a bit scary, yet there was something magical about the experience.

Although life has moments of uncertainty and a fair amount of risk, we always come full circle. Just like the Capital Wheel, there will be the highs in life that will make one smile and lows that will make one shiver, but in the end we will be better because it was a risk worth taking. With yoCapital Wheel 05-21-14.jpgur feet planted squarely on the ground, you can look up and see where you have been and where you are and know you have had the ride of your life!

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