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"Nine Experts, Four Surprises, and One Million Dollar Bet"

by Diana Batchelor

A fascinating article by Weston Wellington of Dimensional Fund Advisors, entitled "Nine Experts, Four Surprises, and One Million Dollar Bet," is presented for your reading enjoyment.  This article shows, once again, the importance of following an investment approach based on discipline and diversification rather than market predictions and timing.  After a great year in

the stock market, it may come as a surprise to many that the "experts" predicted in January 2017 a less than optimistic view of the year ahead: "This could be the year when the movie runs backwards: Inflation awakens. Bond yields reboot. Stocks stumble. Active management rules. And we haven't even touched on the coming regime change in Washington." Read more here about what the experts were predicting, the four global market surprises of the year, and the ten-year, one-million dollar bet that Warren Buffett made.  We hope that you enjoy the article.


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