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Knowledge Is Power

by Carolyn Walder

We know that the past month has been, at the very least, unsettling. Not only have we had to deal with the largest market drops in history, the tremendous unknowns of a pandemic viral crisis and social isolation may be putting a strain on your emotional health. To that end, we have been trying to uncover and provide resources to you throughout this time. Knowledge is power, and we hope to empower you throughout this ordeal!

First, we are sharing a link to an article by Nathan Dungan, money+meaning. It addresses the Coronavirus and your financial wellbeing. It is short and to the point. You can read the article in its entirety at: http://www.sharesavespend.com/blog/coronavirus-and-your-financial-wellbeing-0.

Second, we are sharing a link to a fascinating DFA-sponsored webinar on the economic aspects of the COVID crisis. This webinar features world renowned Stanford professor Ed Lazear. Dr. Lazear discusses the economic monitoring, policy response, and what the recovery may look like. He was Chairman of The Council of Economic advisors to President George W. Bush from 2006 to 2009, succeeding Ben Bernanke after he was appointed as Chairman of the Federal Reserve. Although parts of this webinar may be quite technical, particularly the discussions of the stock market and expected returns, Dr. Lazear’s comments and perspective are well worth the time to view this webinar. You can view this webinar here: https://www.mydimensional.com/xlink/ftvr1ELQ_HwAr2pyv0kVj8Oj7VFDCtloJqy-WJBxWAmG90ZKhOWQtyVhYW-fWQxCApQw3q5oIKo29PkWDYtLWTXRdgFYefOu6oAN7FFCSThxFeC5Qe3s7bBcsQ-I6O3E7PHrJgmsHuQviKSl3tVM3MXX0Hvw2VVlp2veokkzhUA1

Please feel free to share these resources with family and friends if you think they could benefit. And, as always, we are here for you!

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