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Insights into Market Volatility

As many of you know, we have been calling for a correction in this overheated market for some time now … and the market volatility of the past few days shows that no one can really time these events. We recently uploaded two Dimensional videos by founder David Booth. These brief videos may be reassuring to investors at this time. “Old Normal” notes that crises cannot be predicted, stressing the importance of planning so investors feel confident before a crisis and better (that they had planned) after a crisis. “Dealing Thoughtfully with Uncertainty” also stresses the importance of planning and committing to a long-term strategy, and focusing on the factors you can control. We have also uploaded another video, “Insights from a Transformed Investor.” It is an interview with Dave Goetsch, the Executive Producer of the hit TV sitcom, “The Big Bang Theory,” in which he describes his journey from an anxious investor to one in control. We think you will find it entertaining and, possibly, enlightening.

*The “Transformed Investor” video is 37 minutes. Note the following recording time stamps if you want to jump to a particular topic.

(3:00) Dave Goetsch’s investment transformation in 08’ – 09’
(8:07) Don’t be paralyzed by financial stress
(12:21) Dave Goetsch’s reaction to current events vs 08’ – 09’
(17:31) Preparing for financial uncertainty
(24:45) The value of a financial advisor
(28:52) What type of investor do you choose to be?

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