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Getting a Head Start on the Importance of a Strong Work Ethic

By Sarah Moult, Intern at LWPM

As an intern with Lifetime Wealth, this experience has allowed me to recognize the importance of work prior to college. The transition from a high school to college student can be very stressful, but it doesn’t always have to be. If you prepare yourself with work opportunity and strong academics, the journey can be made more smoothly. Volleyball enabled me to attend  the college of my dreams, but it was academics and job experience  in addition to my athletic skills that helped me get there. It is advantageous when applying to colleges, as well as working jobs during college, that you have had previous experience somewhere in the workforce. Whether you were waiting tables at a restaurant or working for a major corporation in an office, work experience speaks volumes on resumes and applications.

 I started my first job at 16 working at Friendly’s restaurant as an ice cream scooper, and by 18 I was working in a doctor’s office filing important, confidential medical records.  Both of those jobs were included on my college application, and I was asked to expand on my work experience during my college admissions interview. When people are deciding if you are the right fit for their school or a position at their company, they like to see a history of work ethic, so the younger you start working the better.  I also believe that my prior work experience made my transition from a college environment to the Lifetime Wealth team an easy one. Having had experience in a formal office setting before, it has not been a challenge for me to work nine-to-five and administer office duties. If I had not been working since I was16, I would imagine I would have struggled with making the adjustment this summer.

When selecting colleges, it was important to me to attend a school where the professors and administrators also cared about my life after college as well. I chose Lafayette because I believe the staff will help me prepare for the times to come after graduation. In Lafayette’s Career Services program, each student is assigned to an individual advisor who assists her or him in searching for and acquiring internships, working on a resume, and connecting with successful alumni. My advice would be to learn and work as much as you can during college, so that you are prepared to make the next 70 years even better.

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