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Failure Precedes Success

By Jacob Walder, Intern at LWPM

As USA goalkeeper Tim Howard looked on after the USA's World Cup exit at the hands of Belgium, one could only imagine what was running through the aging veteran's mind. Howard had just given one of the best goalkeeping performances in a World Cup in the past half century, and he had also given the American team an amazing chance to progress past the heavily favored Belgians. But that's all it was, a chance. Unfortunately, the opportunity resulted in defeat for Team USA.

Sometimes, no matter how much time, effort, work, money, or faith is put forth, we are let down by forces that are beyond our control. We can meet these setbacks with a multitude of different reactions--anger and frustration, patience and optimism, or faith and perseverance. Many people in today's world meet these problems with a knee-jerk reaction in line with the first pair of adjectives, as I know I often did most of the time in my short life. However, I have learned it is important to have defeats among life experiences. Those who have experienced defeat know that failure is not only a part of life but also the pathway to success, whether it is in sports, business, finance, or love.

In his post-match comments, Tim Howard chose to respond with the attitude of the latter of the three options. The 35-year-old, three-time World Cup USA goalkeeper stated that while it is heartbreaking to lose such a monumental match, he expects the team and himself to go to Russia (the site of the 2018 FIFA World Cup) and perform at an even higher level than the team did at this year's World Cup. Howard's response is an example of the best path a person can choose having faced defeat. 

Photo Credit: Kevin C. Cox, Getty Images

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